Before you know it, you’re 18 and on your own.

The New Loudoun Field Center near Lucketts, VA, is a High School alternative designed to prepare teens for when they’re taking that leap into the real world.

There are questions that should drive us:

When we are trying to figure out what the best alternatives are for school, the questions are not about what classes you should take, what grades you can show in math, what your “extracurricular activities” will look like on a resume or transcript. The questions we should be asking are much more important.

What is the meaning of “success”?

In lieu of fame and fortune, should we be pursuing happiness, meaning… and joy.

How do we find wisdom and truth?

In a world of unlimited information and knowledge, the first step is to seek what is beyond it.

What is considered a “life well lived”?

Are we replacing our virtues with mere images of virtue? What about love and beauty?

Does greatness come from power or virtue?

It’s possible that our power and influence is less important than what we can do to support others.

A space with a purpose

The Freedom Center in Lucketts, VA is dedicated to helping the next generation of young adults gain a renewed sense of meaning and pursuit of God and good in the world.

A Place of Serenity

At the Field Center, we’ve dedicated more than 100 acres of Loudoun woodland to the cause of helping teenagers find a sustainable and meaningful path to adulthood.

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