Curriculum and Program

We start with a core curriculum from Bridgeway Academy and add innovative programs which allow teens to learn as part of the community and not apart from it.

What the Field Center does

We’re here to help students prepare for life after “high school,” regardless of what career path they choose.

  1. Core Classes
    Basics of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Humanities are managed through Bridgeway Academy with the support of Field Center staff.
  2. Great Ideas
    Productive discussions within the Great Conversation and applied to current events and challenges facing our world.
  3. Guided projects
    We help develop project management, time management, and planning skills that will help with any career or leadership opportunity later in life.
  4. Community Engagement
    Our students get in interact with local leaders, innovators, artists, and thinkers in order to begin to see where they can have an impact in their communities.

Core Education with Personalized Support

We use Bridgeway Academy’s Textbook Program with the support of our Instructors to create as strong foundation for our students’ academics pursuits.

From Philosophy to Project Management

We help prepare students for any path they choose after high school with courses ranging from The Story of Science to Civics and Community.

Christian Foundations in a Fallen World

We acknowledge the core humanity of our students and their touch of the Divine, and thus have a foundation in principles which are given to us by our Creator.

Unique Facilities – Peaceful Space

Containing nearly 100 acres of wooded land, the Freedom Center offers a diverse and serene sanctuary unlike any other location in Loudoun County.

“What is so striking about the present sense of anxiety is that it … is rooted in an age when their control has reached unprecedented heights of success. It is impossible to escape the melancholy conclusion that man’s belief in himself has become weakened in the very age when his control of environment is greatest.”

– Robert Nisbet / Crisis in Education

More about the Program

When our children launch into the real-world, form their own households, and forge their own paths, they must carry with them the knowledge and skills needed to succeed and thrive. Since education is only partly academic, and spiritual and moral formation is even more critical to success in the real world, the Loudoun Field Center turns to foundational Christian teachings of loving God and loving one another as the cornerstone of our programs.

For our inaugural year, the Loudoun Field Center is partnering with Bridgeway, a leading academic program to provide a fully accredited curriculum to our students. In addition, by pulling from a vast array of classes and local resources and people we are curating a program for your student to meet them where they are and take them to where they need to go. 

Beyond Knowledge: Skills & Application

In transitioning to adulthood teenagers’ eyes begin to open to what is around them. They seek to understand who they are and how they fit into the world and into their communities. They form critical paradigms that will largely define what their lives will become as adults. During this key formative period, they need strong guidance as they explore these critical dimensions of themselves, those around them, and the real world.

Community, character, and communication skills are critical aspects of being effective in the real world.  The best way to learn these skills is through direct experience. The Field Center will foster a strong student community and give every student hands-on opportunities to participate and lead teams and projects with real authority and responsibilities. 

The Loudoun Field Center takes your child beyond the academics into real-world, real-life applied knowledge and skill. The Loudoun Field Center will develop the entire individual with broad programs and hands-on learning for foundational skills and development including:

  • Character Development
  • Reason/Logic
  • Morals/Values
  • Physical Fitness
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Finance and Economics
  • Vocational Skills
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Life Skills
  • Research and Learning

Great Ideas and Shared Inquiry

The Field Center is dedicated to seeking understanding of, maintaining, and continuing the Great Conversation of civilization. In other words we are continuing the conversation that has maintained society and helped us make progress for over two millennia now. We do this by not only encouraging the consumption and enjoyment of wholesome and inspiring content, but also by creating opportunities to discuss and analyze that content in a conversational way.

Shared Inquiry is the method by which those ideas are explored, where mentors take on the role of guide and the students as fellow scholars in the quest for truth, wisdom, beauty, goodness, justice, and purpose in the works of the greats… from Homer to Shakespeare to Twain; from Galileo to Bacon to Newton to Einstein; from Aristotle to Smith to Eliot.

Unique Facilities

The Loudoun Field Center, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, is located at the Freedom Center near Lucketts, VA. Containing nearly 100 acres of wooded land, this facility offers a unique and calm environment unlike any other education program in Loudoun County. The property provides a variety of unique opportunities for programs such as building, trades projects, gardening, community projects, wild-life, nature study, physical fitness, and simply learning outside on a wonderful day.

      • Top ranked Disc Golf Course

      • Lake with swimming, Fishing, and boating

      • Hiking and bike trails

      • Chapel

      • Basketball, volleyball, and soccer field

The Way Secondary Education Should Work

Our program is tailored for families seeking independence from the strictures of a modern “school”, and provides teens with the joy and sovereignty of being in charge of their own education.

Our Instructors are committed to helping students develop skills, and seek understanding of the ideas that affect their world. They are adept at managing multiple students at varying ages and skill levels and helping them build confidence in their pursuits, and take pride in showing patience, predictability, and dependability inside and outside the classroom.

Although the Field Center is not a conventional “high school,” it is also not a self-paced program or a tutorial service. We offer much of the structure of a school, and each of our families are fully invested as partners in the educational process.

Students are on site (minus field trips and select internship or volunteer opportunities which will come up throughout the year) from 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Part of their day is dedicated to “core” work through Bridgeway, from which students and their Mentor create a Living Learning Plan (LLP), and create opportunities to engage in creative discussions and interactions with specialist mentors and special guests throughout the year, including scheduled live classes with projects and assignments having firm due dates.

Admission Requirements

The Field Center is geared for grades 9-12 (8-11 for our initial “seed” program). In order to participate, in addition to fees and tuition (see below), we require an “Information and Release Form” on file with the Field Center. 

2021-2022 Seed Program

*** For the 2021-2022 school year, the Loudoun Field Center is offering a “seed” program with M, W, F, full-curriculum support through our partner, Bridgeway Academy. Students go through our full evaluation and customized curriculum process, and convene at the Field Center three days a week for 33 weeks to complete their academic work with the support of Field Center Staff. There is a limit of only 15 spaces in our seed program. As programs are added throughout the year, including our Great Conversations program, Vocational Science, Fine Arts, Physical Education, etc, our seed program students will get to participate in the new courses for substantially reduced rates. ***

Note: Students at the Field Center must file a Notice of Intent with Loudoun County Public Schools and must meet all requirements applicable to the Virginia Code for Homeschoolers. Through our partner, Bridgeway Academy, students will be provided with transcripts and a GPA for all academic classes. Though we do provide assessment and evaluation opportunities throughout the year, we encourage our students to participate in Loudoun County’s free day of testing set up specifically for Homeschoolers.


The tuition for the 2021-2022 “seed” program is $6000 for the entire year.

2022-2023 Full Program

The financial commitment for the entire 2022-2023 Loudoun Field Center school year beginning September 2022, and ending May 2022 will be $16,500.*

All families must submit a tuition deposit of $1,650 per student. This (non-refundable) deposit is a down payment on tuition. The rest is paid through nine monthly installments from September through May. 

Tuition:                  $16,500
Deposit/Monthly: $1,650

Other Considerations:

  • The Field School is divided into Fall, Winter and Spring seasons, and students joining us for the Winter or Spring sessions receive a pro-rated tuition.
  • Sibling Discount: 10% tuition discount for every child after the first child.
  • *tuition and financial details for the 2022-2023 school year is subject to change and will be finalized in the Spring of 2022.