Mentors at the Field Center

(If you have kids ranging from 5th to 12th grade and might be interested in the Guild for them, fill out that form first.)

At the Field Center, we approach the profession of a “teacher” in a fundamentally unique way. We seek good people who have a passion for education, or for a subject or skill, and wish to share that passion with the next generation. Since our focus is building character, we seek Mentors who are first and foremost persons of character, and we are establishing a standard of innovative, thoughtful, and inspiring programming. All of our courses and programs involve multi-age classrooms with between 6 and 12 students, currently grades 5 through 11.

We are looking for three different types of Mentors:

1) GUILD MENTORS: have the task of facilitating a small full-curriculum, multi-age classroom, in partnership with an existing secondary education academic program. They also have the opportunity to consult with parents, advise on materials and resources, develop a “Living Learning Plan” for each student, helping students with their task and project management. Position is full-time (M-F – 8am to 4pm) supporting up to 15 students, alongside other mentors, for a 33 week school year between Labor Day and Memorial Day. (Choose “Field School Mentor” below and put as much info as relevant in the “CV/Resume/Information” field.)

2) INSTRUCTORS: teach survey courses and/or labs at the field center. We are offering courses that fit into a few different categories: Fine Arts, Vocational and Industrial Arts, Home Economics, and The Humanities. The courses are typically 11 weeks in length, but could be as short as 5 weeks. (Choose “Specialist” below, and provide a link to a website/document which could illustrate your particular experience/expertise.)

3) GUEST SPEAKERS: from the business, non-profit, public, and government community have the opportunity to share their passion and expertise with some of our Members on an ongoing basis. It can be a one-time 30 to 90 minutes workshop or discussion, or up to a 4-week, 75 minutes per week course at the Field Center. (Choose “Guest Speaker” below and let us know what you’re interested in sharing or helping discover.)

  • Loves to learn; to seek truth, beauty, and good; and to share their journey with others
  • Enjoys working with a variety of people in a variety of situations; flexible and collaborative
  • Accepts and promotes the Mission and Vision of the Loudoun Field Center
  • Patience, humility, a sense of humor, and a joyous approach to addressing challenges
  • Is sufficiently technologically savvy: online collaboration tools, email, excel, word, social networking, mobile apps, e-readers, etc. (most important for Guild Mentors)

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