Retreats – Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Retreats:

The Freedom Center is located on 100 beautiful wooded acres of northern Loudoun County. Several buildings provide lodging, dining, and meeting room space. The facility is open year around, providing space for retreats, conferences, meetings, picnics, reunions, and summer camp. A beautiful two-acre Lake, Disc Golf Course, Indoor and Outdoor recreational spaces, and wooded trails offer opportunities for walking/hiking, prayer, or simple reflection of the peace and beauty of the property.

Sleeping Facilities:

Hutchinson Lodge: The lodge sleeps a maximum of 30 people in bunk beds. The sleeping areas are divided into two, each with two showers, two sinks and two toilets. This configuration is useful for groups comprised of male and female attendees. A separate bedroom with a double/full sized bed is available as a leader/counselor room. There is a kitchenette with a full-size refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven and a few pieces of cookware and cooking utensils.

Liberty Lodge: This lodge sleeps a total of 30 people in bunk beds.  There are five different bedrooms that can accommodate from 2 persons (in the smallest bedroom) up to 10 persons in a suite with a private bathroom. The other bedrooms share two baths.  There is a large common area, and a complete kitchen consisting of a stove/oven combination, a full-size refrigerator, a microwave, and some pots and pans. This building is used to host singles, families, and groups.

Campgrounds: Several beautiful tent camping sites are available to set up tents around the property. Options are Lakeside, Wooded, or Open Field.  Use of bathroom building with separate male/female toilets, sinks, and showers are included. 


Reservations & Cancellations

Reservations are taken in the order received. Confirmations will not be sent until reservation form, deposit and agenda are received at FC. There is $500 minimum requirement per lodge, per night. Accepted reservations will be confirmed by regular and e-mail.

Two (2) Night minimum stay required for the months of June, July, and August.

Final number of participants must be called into our office 2 weeks before your event date, and balance for those attendees must be paid. If more attendees come than planned, please bring remaining balance with you, due at check-in. All reservations are final. Your group will be charged at the minimum for the number reserved for overnight accommodations regardless of how many actually attend and /or leave before your event is over.

FC reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to natural disasters (fires, floods), extreme weather conditions (icy roads) or mechanical failures (heating, water/sewer, plumbing). FC will make every attempt to reschedule the cancelled event for the next available date. If such a decision is made, your deposit and remaining balance will be applied to an event at our facility at a later date. Your group can elect to have your deposit and remaining balance refunded if rescheduling to a later date is not possible.

If a group/family/individual elects to cancel a confirmed reservation, it is important for the leader/coordinator to contact FC as early as possible so that the facility can be made available to others.

Cancellations made 30 (thirty) days before the day of your confirmed arrival will result in a forfeiture of your deposit.

If a group cancels a confirmed reservation at least 30 business days before the day of a confirmed event, but later reschedules an event to occur within three (3) months of the original date and with at least 80% of the original number of participants and for the same length of stay, the deposit will be applied to the rescheduled event.


A deposit of $250.00 per requested lodge must be submitted with your reservation form, signed Policy Statement and agenda. Deposits can be made in the form of a check or money order (written to “The Freedom Center”), or charged to your MasterCard, VISA, or Discover credit/debit card via Paypal. Your balance due must be paid 2 weeks before arrival, with remaining balance of any extra people due upon arrival. Reservations are not confirmed and are subject to cancellation if the deposit is not received on time.

FC cannot guarantee space, overnight accommodations, or meals for additional participants who show up the day of an event. If additional participants arrive that were not previously accounted for, and FC can accommodate them, payment for their overnight stay and meals must be made upon arrival by cash or MasterCard, VISA, or Discover credit cards via PayPal only.

The organization or group making the reservations with FC shall be held financially responsible and liable for any damages to the property, furniture, equipment or buildings.

Check In/ Check Out

Check In: Before 8:00pm.

Check out: 3pm unless otherwise arranged.

Arrival: Please park in the designated parking areas. The group leader must check in at the property office (13850) prior to the group’s admission to the meeting or sleeping lodges. The group leader will receive the lodge key (if applicable) for the group. A FC staff member will accompany your group to the meeting or lodge area. The FC staff will conduct a brief inspection of the facilities with the group leader.

Departure:  The group leader should inspect all rooms for damage or forgotten items. To check-out, the group leader must return any keys ($15.00 lost key fee if not returned) to the admin staff and have a staff member re-inspect the facilities prior to the departure of the group. Costs to repair or replace any damaged items, property, equipment or furniture will be charged to the organization.

Room Assignments & Group Ratios

Group leader must submit a list with lodge or room number and names of people assigned to that lodge/room to the FC hospitality manager.

For groups with young people:  for Children 9 years old and younger, every 8 must have an adult supervisor (age 21 or older); Youth ages 10 to 13, every 10 must have an adult supervisor; Youth 14 to 18, every 20 should have an adult supervisor.


Each guest should bring his/her personal items, towel, washcloth, pillow, twin bed sheets and blanket (or sleeping bag if preferred).

Each group is responsible for bringing their own plates, cups, and silverware.

Toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies are supplied by the Freedom Center.

Our hospitality staff will stock the lodge according to your requests made at the time of your reservation and what eating arrangements you have chosen. TV and DVD player, podium, portable screen, easel or whiteboard, markers and eraser.

Meeting Room:

Each lodge has its own central meeting area. If your group wants to rent a meeting room only and does not intend to stay overnight, the following rates apply (based on availability):

Hutchinson rental room rate:  $100.00 per day.

Chapel building (seats 100):   $200.00 per day.

Conference Room (Seats 12): $75.00


Several groups may be on the property at the same time. Please check with our hospitality staff to reserve the pavilion, play area or sports area.

Reservable areas: volleyball, basketball, and picnic pavilions

You may reserve an area for a period of three (3) hours. If you use a picnic area, please be sure to place all trash in the waste receptacles near the site.

Basketballs, volleyballs, and disc golf discs are available at the office building. One group member participating in the activity must leave a driver’s license or credit card as collateral for equipment loaned.

Nature trails, a prayer shelter and a playground are also available.

If a group uses the chapel kitchen, conference rooms, meeting rooms, or recreational areas, they need to be cleaned and returned to original condition. Failure to do so may result in a cleaning fee of a minimum of $100.

Lake: There is no lifeguard on duty at the lake. Any activities, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, are at your own risk. Fishing is allowed in the lake. Bring your own fishing gear and bait. Catch and release is in effect.

Every person in a canoe or kayak, or swimming must wear a personal flotation device. Anyone observed not cooperating with this rule will be restricted from this activity.

General Rules

(Group leader should copy and distribute this page to each participant.)

1.     Food and drinks are allowed only in the meeting areas, dining hall or outdoors. Please do not take food or drinks into the bedrooms.

2.     Please park in the designated parking areas.

3.     Smoking is not allowed in any building and is strongly discouraged on the property.

4.     Consumption, possession and/or distribution of any alcoholic beverages, illegal smoking products or drugs are strictly prohibited. Any guest found to be in violation of this rule will be escorted from the property with no refund of fees, and the local authorities will be notified as appropriate.

5.     FC boundaries are clearly marked with paint or tape on trees. Please do not trespass on other’s property.

6.     No furniture or equipment may be removed from their designated areas or from the property. Mattresses must remain on the bunk frames. Please do not remove mattress covers.

7.     Please do not tamper with, remove or disable smoke or carbon dioxide detectors or the fire extinguishers.

8.     No pets are allowed in the buildings or on the property, with the exception of official guide or therapeutic dogs. Documentation of necessity must be produced upon inquiry. 

9.     Firearms, fireworks, bows & arrows, air guns/BB guns or weapons of any type, or their use in hunting or any other activity are forbidden on the property or the surrounding properties.

10.  “Catch & Release” fishing is allowed on our pond.  You must supply your own equipment.

11.  No motorcycles, trail bikes, ATV’s or similar vehicles are allowed off of the main roads.

12.  Help us conserve electricity and water. Turns off the lights when the room is not being used, and make sure faucets are turned off.

13.  Only the group leader/ counselor should handle adjustment of the heat thermostats.

14.  FC operates with a septic system. Please do not flush anything in the toilets except toilet paper. All other items need to be placed in the trash cans.

15.  FC staff must approve fires in the pavilion grills or fire pits first, and water and appropriate equipment must be nearby. Your group is responsible for ensuring any fire is completely out before leaving the area. Please do not break or cut down trees for firewood. If you are not making a charcoal fire, there is plenty of dead wood on the ground that you can use.

16.  The natural environment is for everyone to enjoy. Please do not pick or cut any plants or trees. We also discourage approaching, calling to, touching or picking up any wildlife.

17.  Costs to repair/replace any damaged items, property, equipment or furniture will be charged to the organization.

18.  If a group uses the chapel kitchen, conference rooms, meeting rooms, or recreational areas, they need to be cleaned and returned to original condition. Failure to do so may result in a cleaning fee of a minimum of $100.

19.  Cleaning chart in each lodge and chapel must be completed upon checkout to avoid a cleaning fee of a minimum of $150.

Emergency Procedures

Should an emergency occur, the group leader should call 911 and notify the FC hospitality staff immediately in person or by calling 540-686-0446.  For minor first aid needs, please see the FC staff for a first aid kit. Fire and rescue services are located close by in the town of Lucketts, and the emergency/hospital services are located only seven (7) miles away in the town of Leesburg.