These are testimonials about MicroSchool experiences with Independent Education (IndED) and its Founder, Butch Porter, the Director of the Loudoun Field Center.

My kids loved the stimulation they received at IndED. Not a regurgitation of information but actually learning how to learn and critically think through a process from beginning to end. Wonderful instruction and great outcomes!


IndED Mom

My son started homeschooling in the sixth grade and I just felt he need a little extra boost with math and science. IndED offered a relaxed program with just enough structure to keep my son on target. Not only was he able to attend two days a week, the one-on-one guidance with the highly qualified teachers really helped build his confidence in these subjects. Highly recommend IndED to those parents who just feel public or private schools don’t address the educational needs of their children.


IndED Mom

IndED assisted us in teaching our 13-year-old last year when she was being difficult and we needed someone else to be the face of responsibility.  The program wasn’t just academic, but they focused on the students being good stewards with their talents and time.  As busy parents, we appreciated that students and teachers were able to interact easily throughout the week and there was no question of what was expected from the students.  We are glad of the time she spent at IndED and would recommend it to anyone looking for assistance in their virtual or homeschooling scenario.


IndED Mom

Our daughter’s experience with IndED was wonderful! The small class size meant that she could really engage with the instructors to explore different subjects. Also, we appreciated the ability to tailor her learning experience to cover core subjects important to us (her parents) while allowing her to get more immersive in the areas she was really passionate about. Highly recommended for anyone who wants their child to have a unique and rewarding learning experience!


IndED Dad

I always enjoyed attending IndED and never complained when it was a day I attended the school. Loved the teachers and the subjects I was learning. I did not feel intimated or I did not ever feel bad when I didn’t understand something in math. Miss the friends and teachers at IndED.


IndED Student

IndEd offered my boys the opportunity to learn through enrichment classes custom to their interests like coding, cooking and yoga. They supported each child at their level and with a learning approach appropriate for their age and academic abilities.


IndED Mom